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Mobile Strike Guide: Construction Building their Prerequisite

April 3 2016 , Written by Une-Sourde

Mobile Strike Guide: Construction Building their Prerequisite

The Mobile Strike game requires strategic planning and decision making. Every aspect of the game must have their corresponding plans and implementations, starting with the troops up to the buildings. With regards of the buildings, each of them requires another type of building in order to upgrade. As an example, prison requires Hall of Hero and Hall of Hero requires Bank.

Buildings and their Prerequisite building

Below is the list composed of the buildings and their prerequisite building.

  • Headquarters – Require Hospital, Research Facility, Trading Post, Hall of Heroes, Warehouse, Training Ground, Radar Station, and Wall.
  • Wall – Armory
  • Radar Station – Training Ground
  • Training Ground – Quarry
  • Hospital – Training Ground
  • Armory – Iron Mine
  • War Room – Embassy
  • Embassy – Quarry
  • Prison – Hall of Heroes
  • Bank – Oil Well, Farm
  • Death Row – Prison
  • Hall of Hero – Bank

Buildings that Require Head Quarters Only.

  • Warehouse – Headquarters
  • Research Facility – Headquarters
  • Trading Post – Headquarters
  • Iron Mine – Headquarters
  • Oil Well – Headquarters
  • Farm – Headquarters
  • Quarry – Headquarters

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